Kepler-1544 b

<Imaginary Picture of Kepler-1544 b, © 2018 ExoplanetKyoto- Chise Hatsuoka, SGH Moriyama High School>

[Imaginary Picture of Kepler-1544 b, Fuka Takagi & Yosuke A. Yamashiki ]

Kepler 1544 b is located 1138.3 light-years (349 parsecs) from our solar system and was discovered in 2016 orbiting its host star Kepler 1544. The apparent magnitude of the host star is 12.5 and the absolute magnitude is 4.8. Kepler 1544 is about 0.8 the mass of our sun and has about 0.7 the radius. Its surface temperature is 4886 K and is a spectral K2 type star. The planet Kepler 1544 b orbits the star every 168.8 days, it’s orbital radius is 0.56 SEAU.

Kepler 1544 b has a radius that is thought to be about 1.8 times that of the Earth, and its black body temperature (248 K), which was calculated assuming an albedo of 0.3, is almost that of the Earth (255 K). This might suggest the presence of continents and water. The following imaginary video was posted by PlanetExplorer and details the  surface of this planet, but what is it really like?

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