Introduction to Exoplanets

The following contains detailed articles about individual exoplanets.
New articles will be posted on a regular basis.

Famous Exoplanets

Exoplanets Discovered by Japanese Researchers

*Exoplanet Images*

Yosuke Yamashiki (Kyoto University) acted as a point of contact, cooperating with Shiga Prefectural Moriyama High School’s SGH (Super Global High School) project to have students in the art department of Moriyama High School draw imaginary illustrations of exoplanets.

Please take a look at these illustrations in multiple exoplanet articles.

*To Graduate and Research Students*

We are always looking for students to write articles about exoplanets.
Please choose any exoplanet you like, such as one you have discovered or an exoplanet you are particularly interested in.
Please contact the site administrator with your article at


  1. 2020/4/17

    Kepler-1649 c
    Kepler-1649 c is an Earth…
  2. 2020/4/17

    WASP-76 bの想像図 WASP-76b is …
  3. 2020/1/20

    TOI-1338b is a binary planet,…
  4. 2020/1/11

    TOI-700 d
    Imaginary image of TOI-700d F…
  5. 2019/9/27

    (Image credit: ESA/Hubble, M.…
  6. Kepler-283 cにおける1年に1度発生しう…
  7. 2019/6/20

    Teegarden b, c
    Imaginary picture of tidally …
  8. 2018/11/15

    GJ 699 b – B…
    Barnard's star b (GJ 699 b) …
  9. 2018/10/11

    Kepler 1544 b
    <Imaginary Picture of Kep…
  10. 2018/10/10

    Kepler-62 System
    Kepler-62 is a five-planet s…