HATS-41b is an exoplanet of great interest to the scientific community. It is only 33 percent larger than Jupiter, but nearly 10 times more massive than the largest planet in our solar system. According to researchers, it is one of the most massive “Hot Jupiters” found to date. It also orbits the highest metallicity star that has been found to host a transiting planet. HATS-41b has an orbital period of 4.19 days, is located about 0.06 AU from its host star, and has an equilibrium temperature of 1,710 K.

The host star HATS-41 has an apparent magnitude of 17.7, with an absolute magnitude of 8.18. It is 1.50 times more massive and 1.71 times larger than our sun. The surface temperature is 6424 K and its spectral type is F7. In this planetary system, the extrasolar planet HATS-41 b orbits around the star HATS-41 with its orbital distance of around 0.0583.

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