Kepler-1606 b

(Imaginary Picture of Kepler-1606 b by Mr. Daichi Ogawa, SGH Moriyama High School)

Kepler-1606 b is located 2870.2 light-years (880 parsecs) from our solar system and was discovered in 2016 orbiting its host star Kepler-1606. The apparent magnitude of the host star is 13.9 and the absolute magnitude is 4.2. Kepler-1606 is about 0.9 the mass of our sun and has about 0.9 the radius. Its surface temperature is 5422 K and is a spectral G7 type star. The planet Kepler-1606 b orbits the star every 196.4 days, it’s orbital radius is 0.64 SEAU.

Kepler 1606 b has an estimated radius of 2.073 times the Earth (0.185 that of Jupiter). Although the actual weight is unknown,  if it is a rocky planet, it should be more than 10 times that of the Earth, but due to its size, it is considered to be a Neptune-type planet. ExoKyoto estimates that it weighs 5.1985 times the Earth. It is located in the habitable zone, but it is slightly inside the runaway greenhouse limit, so there is a possibility that if it has a sea, it might have evaporated.

If you would like to know more about Kepler-1606 b, please see Exokyoto’s database page below.