Kepler 1544 b

<Imaginary Picture of Kepler-1544 b, © 2018 ExoplanetKyoto- Chise Hatsuoka, SGH Moriyama High School>

Kepler-1544 b is an exoplanet orbiting the star Kepler-1544, located about 1138.3 light-years (349.0 pc) away from Solar System. Its discovery was publicly announced on 2016.Its discovery was publicly announced May of 2016 by the NASA Kepler Spacecraft by the NASA Kepler Spacecraft.

The host star Kepler-1544 has apparent magnitude of 12.5, with absolute magnitude of 4.8.
It is 0.8 times more massive and 0.7 times bigger compared with our sun. The surface temperature is 4886 with its spectral types of K2.
In this planetary system, the extrasolar planet Kepler-1544 b is a Neptune-like exoplanet that orbits around the star Kepler-1544 every 168.8 days with its orbital distance of 0.56 AU ( 83360644.2 km)

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